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I just recently started learning computer science this year, and I'm using V2 
Python on Mac. :)

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On 09/10/11 01:40, Aisha Ali wrote:

> My computer science teacher provided optional Python exercises for us as
> we're learning about Java/Python right now. I decided to learn how to
> code these because I'm very interested in programming, but I don't know
> how to start on the problems in this case. Help? I'll love to learn more
> about Python!

That's a bit too vague for us to provide much help.

What level of programmer are you? Can you write programs in any other language? 
Or are you just starting computer science?

Also it helps if we know what OS you are using (Linux, MacOS, Windows etc)

Have you installed Python? If so which major version (There are two
currently available, V2 and V3)

If you visit the python.org web site you may get all your questions answered 
there. If not come back here with something a bit more specific and we  will try 
to help.

-- Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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