[Tutor] Finding if a passed variable is within to set parameters

Mike Nickey mnickey at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 00:13:04 CEST 2011

Hey all,

I'm trying to write a def that has a check to see if the entered information is within a pre-determined valid set.
Below is what I have so far but it doesn't seem to be working properly.
What I want is to have the user be able to enter 1 through 8 and have the information pass fine but anything else would cause the user to repeat the process. 
I'm using a while loop to try to do this. The only other thing I can think of to do is incorporate a list and see if I can check the list to complete this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

def getUserSkillLvl(GameType): #GameType is an in of 8 or 9 passed to this def based on previous input
    temp = 0
    while temp == 0:
        if GameType == 8:
            UserSkillLvl = raw_input("Enter your current skill level: ")
            if ((UserSkillLvl <= 8) and (UserSkillLvl >=1)):
                print "thank you"
                temp = 1
        elif (UserSkillLvl >8) or (UserSkillLvl < 1):
            while temp == 0:
                UserSkillLvl = raw_input("Please re-enter your skill level: ")
    return UserSkillLvl


Mike Nickey
mnickey at gmail.com

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