[Tutor] Keyboard Module

Ryan Strunk ryan.strunk at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 03:32:52 CEST 2011

Hello everyone,
I'm still hard at work on this boxing game; I know, I think it's taking
forever too. I've recently run into some trouble with my current keyboard
handler, and I'm hoping someone here might have a recommendation as to what
I could use to handle keyboard input for this and future projects.
The keyboard module I currently have access to is a wrapper for the wx
keyboard handler, which is fine, but it prevents me from holding one key and
pressing another. In an ideal world, I'd love something like this:

def left_hand(self):
	if key_down('up'):
	elif key_down('down'):
	elif key_down('left'):

The above functionality could be useful in other places as well. I would
like to some day create a keyboard trainer for my students, giving them the
ability to practice key combinations like capslock+t, control+alt+pgdn,
numpad0+numpad4, and so on.
I thought of using Pygame to pull this off, but I gather from my research
that I can't just use certain pieces of Pygame; in order to get the
functionality I want out of the keyboard module, I'll need other modules as
well. I don't want to work specifically in Pygame, because I've heard Pygame
is quite bloated and requires a good deal of overhead. (I wouldn't mind
being proven wrong on this)
All of which leads me to my question. Can anyone recommend a keyboard module
which will allow me to work with various facets of the keyboard to execute
functions. I would love to have access to presses, holds, and releases, and
it would be helpful to use unorthodox combinations of keys.
Thanks for any recommendations or advice you all have.

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