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Walter Prins wprins at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 02:07:01 CEST 2011

Hi Jacob,

On 19 October 2011 00:26, Jacob Bender <benderjacob44 at gmail.com> wrote:

>      I'm the same person who asked about intruders getting into my computer
> via socket. I tried copying a socket program from online, that worked on my
> computer, and executed perfectly. However, I did not open a port for python,
> but I do have an exception in my firewall. Anyhow, I called the same friend
> and had him run a client program when I was running the host program. The
> host program did absolutely nothing and my IP was programmed into the client
> as the "Host IP". I took all necessary steps and even turned off my
> antivirus, which didn't help at all. I also told my friend and now he has an
> exception on his antivirus, but still nothing is working. I've been using
> port 80 the whole time. Is there anything I did wrong, or a step I've
> missed? Here is the source code for both the server and the client I was
> talking about:

I presume you tried to make this work over the internet.  If so, a few
questions: Do you (or rather, does your PC) have a public IP address?  If
not, then did you configure your router to port forward port 80 from its IP
address (which is your public IP address) to your PC's (impliedly) local
private address?  And did you program your router's public IP address into
the client as the IP address to connect to?


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