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Wed Oct 19 19:53:21 CEST 2011

On 10/19/2011 1:10 PM, Navneet wrote:
> dude you are rude yaar :)...just chill I am new to python.... and 
> programming ...but one thing ...you must be a damn good trainer :)
Thanks for your reply. Please always reply-all so a copy goes to the list,

I hear you are new to Python, and want to be respected for that.

This email list is monitored by a few volunteers. We donate our time 
trying to help others get more comfortable with Python.

When I saw your program (with lots of complexity) I assumed you were 
more advanced, My fault.

I recommend you start with something very simple, get is working, then 
add (one at a time) something new.

For example, write a function that tests a number for primality

Apply it to a small list of small numbers.

Get it working correctly.

Forget (for now) about classes and threads. They just complicate things.

 > I'll try and will let you know the complete program ...just give me 
some time ..
> On 10/19/2011 10:35 PM, bob gailer wrote:
>> On 10/19/2011 11:50 AM, Navneet wrote:
>>> Thank you Bob and Dave,
>>> Yes the file is as you expected,
>> I don't understand that comment.
>>> I thought it is easy to figure out that you have to change the file 
>>> location in program
>> Don't make that assumption. Of course we can figure that out, but you 
>> should use something like <pathname> that is obviously to be replaced 
>> rather than an invalid filename.
>>> Problem:I am trying to find prime numbers from a file which contains 
>>> a list of number and each thread(say 5) is suppose to work on 
>>> different number, in short I am applying round-robin method via thread.
>> What does (say 5) mean? Your program will start
>>> I'll try one more time
>> > BTW I have attached the file :D
>> Please don't attach large files. All I wanted was a sample.
>> We will await your next attempt.
>> Fix the program, Run it. If you don't get the desired results think 
>> about why, then either continue fixing or post a new program with a 
>> new question.
>> Did you think about all the questions I asked. I did not see any 
>> answers. I repeat them here. Please answer.
>>   * Why did you use a class? You don't need it, and it complicates
>>     things.
>>   * Why put some of the code in the mainline of the class and some in
>>     __init__. I see no need for that separation.
>>   * Since you use print statements to monitor progress how about
>>     addind something so you know which print statement was called.
>>     Perhaps print "I am here 1", print "I am here 2", etc.
>>   * Why have the file at all? Why not just start with c = range(1,1000)?
>>   * Why print the entire list? (print c)?
>> -- 
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Bob Gailer
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