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Hi Eric,

On 28 October 2011 21:10, Eric Schles <ericschles at gmail.com> wrote:

> Or you add the scripts directory to your PATH:
>> http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/EasyInstall#id5
>> If you can't find out where it's installed, try searching for
>> "easy_install.exe".
>> HTH, Andreas
>> Unfortunately, none of it has worked.  Maybe there is something I am
>> missing?  I've never gotten a module to work before, at least not a third
>> party one.
> Thanks again in advance,
1.) Please don't start new threads/post new messages for questions which
you've already asked previously.

2.) The link suggested previously to you contains (amongst other things) the
following instructions, which if correctly followed will solve your problem:

"On Windows, an easy_install.exe launcher will also be installed, so that
you can just type easy_install as long as it's on your PATH. If typing
easy_install at the command prompt doesn't work, check to make sure your
PATH includes the appropriate C:\Python2X\Scripts directory. On most current
versions of Windows, you can change the PATH by right-clicking "My
Computer", choosing "Properties" and selecting the "Advanced" tab, then
clicking the "Environment Variables" button. PATH will be in the "System
Variables" section, and you will need to exit and restart your command shell
(command.com, cmd.exe, bash, or other) for the change to take effect. Be
sure to add a ; after the last item on PATH before adding the scripts
directory to it."

Have you tried this, and if so and it appears not to work, what exactly did
you enter and what are the error messages you received after applying the
above instructions?    (Remember you should edit the above paths to actually
match your Python folder -- you would not literally use "Python2X" in the
path you add, you would for example add "C:\Python27\Scripts" if you're
using Python 2.7 etc.)

For reference I googled and found this link that should help clarify the

Here's further education about the Windows environment:

Hope that helps,

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