[Tutor] databases

Andre' Walker-Loud walksloud at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 02:26:48 CEST 2011

>> You might look at http://www.sqlalchemy.org/, since it works with most 
>> databases. However if you are new on databases, I think you should start 
>> learning databases basics, choose a database management system (DBMS) 
>> that fit your needs and learn as much as you can about that specific 
>> DBMS. Then you can use SQLAlchemy or specific packagas (MySQL-Python, 
>> PyGreSQL,...) to acces to that DBMS. In addition if you are going to use 
>> frameworks, most of them already have their own tools for DB manipulation.
> Just wanted to chime in, because I wish someone had told me this sooner, but if you're using a Mac, try to steer clear of mysql-python. Setting it up on a Mac is absolutely infuriating.
> If your databases are MySQL-based and you're using a Mac, I'd recommend setting up a Linux VM to access them with Python (or not using Python at all). Good luck!

Thanks for the warning Alejandro.

Turns out, they live on a linux cluster - but I log in via a Mac, and likely will copy locally to play around with.

I figured I could either hack the c++ code built already to manipulate them, or use this as an excuse to learn about databases via python.


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