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Tue Sep 13 19:37:58 CEST 2011

On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 10:12 AM, Susana Iraiis Delgado Rodriguez <
susana.delgado_s at utzmg.edu.mx> wrote:

> I think I've received many complains for my questions and messages, I know
> you're great programmers and this is for helping beginners or any level of
> Python users. I tried to correct the code I sent the best I could, than you
> for your time, I'll try to manage it myself.

Susana -

I think I speak for everyone when I say: don't go away!  Nobody's
complaining about your question; that's what the list is for.

However, we're all human beings, and all doing this voluntarily.  So it's in
your best interest to make your questions easy for us to read.  So many
lines all run together, with only one space of indentation, makes my head
hurt when I try to read it; I'm ashamed to admit that I simply skipped over
your question when you first posted it.  Others put more effort into it, and
have told you why it was hard for them.  Don't be offended!  At least they
took the trouble, which is more than I did.

Two things you can do to make this better:

-  Set your text editor to convert tabs to spaces, preferably four spaces.
This is a Good Thing To Do anyway, because some of the hardest bugs to find
- for you as well as for us - happen when Python gets confused about levels
of indentation.  If you're not sure how to change that setting, just tell us
which editor you use and someone can help with that.

-  When you ask a question - and we WANT you to ask questions! - try to
narrow down your program to just the part that's giving you trouble.  It
makes it MUCH easier for us to help you, and quite often it helps you to
find the problem yourself.  As Steven said above, at the moment I can't even
see which part of your code is generating "C:\/Python26", let alone help you
to correct it.

Just remember: we all want to help; speaking for myself, I started out
asking questions on this list and have stuck around to answer them.  But
we're all human too - and speaking for myself, sometimes we're a little
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