[Tutor] where to look for python codes

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Sep 29 10:47:35 CEST 2011

On 29/09/11 09:27, Praveen Singh wrote:
> i am a beginner in python.i am not asking about any books here.As i have
> heard one essential steps of learning is to look for some good python
> codes.So, can you guys please and please suggest me some sites or some
> small projects where i can find these codes?? please remember i am at a
> BEGINNER's level!!

We used to have a site called UselessPython for that but last time I 
visited it was down. I don't know if its been resurrected but it was a 
useful resource for that kind of thing.

Other sources are the simple tool scripts that come with Python.
Look in the Library folders and you will find various sample/tool 
folders that you can investigate.

Alan G
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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