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>> Hi,****
>> ** **
>> I know that there is a lot to read about different IDEs on the net but I
>> have tried a couple and I’m still not pleased. My demands are not that high,
>> when I’m under Windows I’m happy with IDLE (an interactive shell and debug)
>> but the problem is with Mac (Python >= 2.7 and OS 10.7). IDLE had serious
>> problems and TextWrangler had no interactive shell. There’s a lot of other
>> stuff to try and I would be grateful if someone could spare me some time on
>> this. ****
> Well, if you're prepared to spend a bit of money, I've heard very good
> things about Wingware, which is also available on Mac  (Note, not a user
> myself currently, but has seen it before and been favourably impressed,
> enough to suggest it here despite not currently actively using it myself.)
> Link: http://wingware.com/

I'll second that. If you're really into IDEs, Wingware is a great one - they
also have a student/open source license that may be right up your alley.

My personal favorite?

Two terminal windows - one with Vim, editing my Python scripts, and another
with an interactive interpreter. Since you can map keys in Vim, I have <F5>
mapped to save and run current file. If you're in the habit of editing
multiple files you could set it up to map <F5> to ask which file you want to
set as your main .py file. And since you mentioned debug, I usually just use
pdb if I need debugging. You could easily map a key such as <F9> to insert a
new line and type 'pdb.set_trace()'. Vim has a fairly steep learning curve,
but if you spend 30 minutes with the vimtutor you'll be fine. With newer
versions of Vim you can also write plugins for them in Python.

Of course these capabilities (and many many more) are available with Emacs.

I personally recommend that you learn one (or both) of these editors. They
will highly improve the speed at which you are able to edit your code.

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