[Tutor] Mailing list archive oddity?

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> So I wanted to reference a post I had already deleted and I looked at the archive (http://mail.python.org/pipermail/tutor/).
> My question...how do I get a future capable email client like the archive? :)

What mail client do you use? Does it offer a way to move posts out of
the inbox, without deleting them?

That's what I do, but I use gmail.



I think you misunderstood my question. The web archive of the list has a few entries that have not occurred yet (which you may have noticed if you visited the link).

January 2027: 	[ Thread ] [ Subject ] [ Author ] [ Date ] 	[ Gzip'd Text 597 bytes ]
November 2012: 	[ Thread ] [ Subject ] [ Author ] [ Date ] 	[ Gzip'd Text 2 KB ]

I was asking (facetiously) if there was an email client that could receive email from the future. I am curious to how this happened, but I am not sure anyone on this list is a list administrator and would know.


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