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On 01/04/12 15:26, Alan Gauld wrote:
> Actually the standardization of C sparked huge debates in the early 
> 90's. There were lots of minor changes and one big style change that 
> really polarised opinions. In traditional C you defined a functions 
> parameters like
> int foo()
> int a;
> float b;
> {  /* body here */  }

I started with c in the 1980s using Mix Power C under Microsoft DOS 
3.5.  It was a number of years before I finished up with GCC under 
Linux.  Power-C was the only version of c I worked with for several 
years.  The input parameters were always inside the function brackets in 
that version, so it must have been ansi-c.  I hadn't realised it was any 
different from the K&R specs.  Interesting!

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