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greetings walter, and welcome to the Python family!

it looks like you've got your machine all set up. hopefully installing
Python 3 wasn't too difficult -- users constantly have issues with
their own installs clash with the Python that's pre-installed by

as far as learning Python for beginners goes, you have to decide what
version to learn -- since you have both Python 2 & 3 on your system,
you have a choice. if you have existing code that's written in Python
2.x, you should learn that first. if you have "no baggage," then
Python 3.x is the way to go as it is the future.

regardless of which you pick, you should realize: 1) once you learn
one, you will learn the other as there are only seemingly minor (but
backwards-incompatible differences), 2) most books and online
materials are still in Python 2 although more and more Python 3
materials are becoming available.

as far as books go, the best way to learn Python is by writing games.
this is an approach that works both with children as well as adults.
there are several excellent books that can help you with this regard:

- Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners by
Warren Sande and Carter Sande, Manning,
- Invent your Own Computer Games with Python second edition by Al Sweigart
- How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Allen B. Downey, Jeff
Elkner and Chris Meyers, Green Tea Press
- Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Michael Dawson,
Course Technology

i go into a bit more detail on these as well as the books shane
recommends in my "Python Reading List" article (which actually
describes 3 separate reading lists):

as far as online resources go, try these:

- How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Downey, Elkner, Meyers)
- Learning to Program (Gauld)
- LiveWires Python
- Snake Wrangling for Kids (Briggs)
- Computer Programming is Fun! (Handy)
- Karel the Robot clone: Guido van Robot
- Karel the Robot clones: RUR-PLE
- A Byte of Python (Swaroop)
- Instant Hacking: Learning to Program with Python (Hetland)

hope this all helps, and again, welcome to Python!!

On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 5:03 PM, Walter Luna <wluna93 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody, my name is Walter I am a new beginner with no programing experience. I am using OSX Lion, and successfully installed Python version 3. I am looking for a programing guide for  beginners with no programing experience. Can you please suggest me a good one to use. Thank you.
> Walter

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