[Tutor] Urgent Help Required

Dave Angel d at davea.name
Sat Feb 4 14:35:08 CET 2012

On 02/04/2012 08:17 AM, Zafrullah Syed wrote:
> Hi,
> I need urgent help:
> I am unable to commit code to svn, I am getting this warning:
> *svn: Commit failed (details follow):*
> *svn: Commit blocked by pre-commit hook (exit code 1) with output:*
> *<string>:17: Warning: 'with' will become a reserved keyword in Python 2.6*
> *writeConf.py:17: invalid syntax*
> *Commited Python-Files refused, please check and retry...*
> How do i surpass this and commit my code??
Lousy choice of subject.  Please make your subject reflect what your 
problem is, not how important it may or may not be to you.

You're not just running svn.  If you were, you'd not get some python 
error or warning.  So you're running a more complex environment, perhaps 
svn integrated inside some IDE (like komodo, wingware, beans, whatever).

If so, post a question on the forum that supports that particular IDE.  
Or if you must post here, at least give us a clue what environment 
you're using.  For example, i can infer that you're running Python 2.5 
or older.  But it'd be much better to explicitly say what python 
version, which operating system (and version), and what IDE (and 
version), and what svn (get the pattern?).

The svn command to submit changes to a file outside of the ide is  svn 
commit filename.  If the file is new, I believe you have to do an svn add.



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