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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Mon Feb 6 19:11:13 CET 2012

On 06/02/12 17:17, bob gailer wrote:
> On 2/6/2012 10:25 AM, Kapil Shukla wrote:
>> Please also suggest a free editor for python which can at least repeat
>> previous command with a key stroke

That depends on the editor's mode of operation.
In an editor like vi (elvis, vim etc) there is a repeat key (the period)
that repeats most things because most things are a "command" - even 
inserting text. but in a so called modeless editor (most modern ones)
repeat will be restricted to things that are recognised as atomic 
operations, like search/replace, change case etc. And some of those will 
only be valid when text is selected (so not really modeless!).

Other editors like emacs allow you to specify how often an action is 
repeated. So esc-16 n will insert 16 n's for example.

You would need to be more specific in terms of what you want in a repeat 

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