[Tutor] Question on how to do exponents

William Stewart williamjstewart at rogers.com
Tue Feb 7 01:54:57 CET 2012

Hello everyone, I am making a calculator and I need to know how to make it do exponents and remainders
How can I input this info in python?
Any help would be appreciated

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On Mon, Feb 06, 2012 at 09:13:48AM -0500, Nate Lastname wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am quite sorry for my attitude.  I will look more thoroughly into the
> search results.  Thanks for the link to Epik.  I had found this, but I
> didn't realize that it was Python.  I apologize once again, and thank you
> for your help.  I did give you a link to a sandbox game (powdertoy.co.uk)
> as an example of what I wanted, but that must not have been delivered
> properly.

Thank you for the gracious apology, and welcome to the group!

Don't worry about asking stupid questions, we don't mind them so long as 
you make an effort to solve them yourself first, and that you learn from 
them as you go.


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