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Apologies Dave.

> You need to learn how to create a DOS window (or cmd window, just another
> name for same thing) in Windows.  One way is to use the RUN prompt in the
> Start menu, and run the program  CMD.  Another is to go to the Start
> Menu->Accessories->DOS box.  it's been a long time since I ran Windows, so
> it may have some different name, but it should be in your accessories
> somewhere.  Since I use such a shell constantly, I created a shortcut key
> to open one.
> Once you do that, you should see a "box" with a C: prompt.  It is indeed
> black, but you can customize it in many ways.  From there you can type all
> the commands that Walter was telling you about.  And it normally won't go
> away when a program finishes running, so you don't have the "black and
> appears for a millisecond" syndrome.
> Windows will create one of these if you run console things from the GUI,
> but it also destroys them as soon as the program ends.
> --
> DaveA
>  I did mention very early on in my query that I had restricted access to
the Dos CMD prompt, hence why I asked if anyone knew how to create a self
contained prompt within the Python program. I was under the impression that
the .bat file Walter described would fill that gap.

Thanks for your comments too, but your solution unfortunately is not one I
can use as I cannot do all the usual methods to run the Dos prompt, .bat
files are not a problem, I have used several in the past. My issue is that
I cannot give commands directly to the Dos prompt and in turn not "operate"
the python program as I can on my Ubuntu machine.

Thanks Guys,

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