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> Hello! I'm currently stuck at the Extra Credit 3 from LPTHW.
> Link to the actual exercise:
> The exercise:
> Write at least one more function of your own design, and run it 10
> different ways.
> Code from the book:
> def cheese_and_crackers(cheese_count, boxes_of_crackers):
>    print "You have %d cheeses!" % cheese_count
>    print "You have %d boxes of crackers!" % boxes_of_crackers
>    print "Man that's enough for a party!"
>    print "Get a blanket.\n"
> print "We can just give the function numbers directly:"
> cheese_and_crackers(20, 30)

> I wrote a function similar to cheese_and_crackers and it works just
> fine but I can't figure out more ways of calling a function other than
> the ones presented in the code(with integers as arguments,variables as
> arguments, two integer additions as arguments and with arguments in
> the form of variable+integer). The author states that there are 10
> different ways to run it.(in a comment he states that: "You can run it
> a lot of different ways, far too many to enumerate.).
> So, what other ways are there aside the ones already presented in the
> above code?


Subject to the same caveats as your other replies:

How about

for (cheesecount, crackercount) in [(3,5), (7,42)]:
    cheese_and_crackers(cheesecount, crackercount)


Brian vdB
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