[Tutor] Using __ini__.py for common fonctions

Karim kliateni at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 21:12:18 CET 2012

Le 14/02/2012 20:25, Alan Gauld a écrit :
> On 14/02/12 19:08, Karim wrote:
>> Advices are welcome!
> Asking the same question twice does not double your chances of getting 
> a reply. It may even reduce them.
> As to your question, it's not the most common way to do it, it's not 
> even the way I'd recommend since what it does is hide your code by 
> putting it somewhere a user is not likely to guess.
> In Python explicit beats implicit. Put it in a module where we can see 
> where it lives. It makes maintenance much easier later.

Sorry Alan,

I have an issue w/ thunderbird and I found my first email in the Trash bin !
I did not know if my email was sent or not as I don't receive my email 
back (Don't know why).

Thanks for your prompt answer.


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