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> **
> The exercise is:
> Write a function which has 3 parameters. First parameter is a char, second
> parameter is a integer, third parameter is a integer.
> The function would create a file which have following requests:
> 1. the length of the file is in accordance with the third parameter.
> 2. the content of the file must be random generated.
> 3. the time first parameter occurred in the content must be in accordance
> with second parameter.
> please give me some hints. It would be better if you give me the code.

It would be better if /you/ gave us the code that shows what you've tried.
Also, if we give you the solution(s) then you won't learn.

To accomplish this exercise you need a few skills:

1. Write a function that takes parameters - can you do this?
2. Create a file - can you do this?
3. Generate random text - can you do this?
4. Modify text (or generate slightly less-random text) - can you do this?

If you can do those four things then you should be able to easily
accomplish this task (that looks an awful lot like homework)

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