[Tutor] different behaviour in Idle shell vs Mac terminal

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Mon Jan 9 13:58:36 CET 2012

Adam Gold wrote:

> Thanks Steven that worked.  In terms of why I'm using this: I shouldn't
> overstate what I'm doing when I say financial maths.  One of the elements
> is a mortgage calculator for my mother who's, shall we say, not a "power
> user".  After taking the basic inputs, it prints out a few stats (monthly
> payment etc.).  Without some literal "brake" in how the info gets written
> on the screen, it all appears in one go and having tested it on said power
> user, it was too much at once.  Hence I want to slow things down.

My recommendation is to display a full line of text, then pause before the 
next line of text. Not one character at a time.



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