[Tutor] how to read and write to a file

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Thu Jan 26 00:15:25 CET 2012

Joel Goldstick wrote:

> First of all, always remember to reply to all on the list.  That keeps
> everyone in the loop.
> Second, don't 'top post'.  Write your comments at the end of the
> thread so that people can follow the conversation.  Sometimes its
> useful to intersperse comments in someone's previous email.

"Sometimes"? I would say "almost always".

Please trim your replies. There is absolutely no need to repeat the ENTIRE 
comment thread, over and over and over again. Just quote what you need to 
establish context, and when directly answering a question or comment.

Otherwise, good advice: keep replies to the list unless you are making a 
personal/private comment, and email should be more like

   > Question
   > Question

instead of:

   > Question
   > Question

(And yes, I deliberately had one fewer answer than question in the second 
case. Top posting makes it MUCH easier to miss questions.)


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