[Tutor] Question regarding setup.py

sp6 at rice.edu sp6 at rice.edu
Fri Jan 27 01:19:39 CET 2012

Hi All,

I had a question regarding installing packages that I posted a couple  
of days ago. But I'm re-sending the question again.. this time with  
output so that it is clearer.

I am unable to install libraries using 'python setup.py install'

Say that I'm installing a package "kando". I extract it and I'm  
currently in its directory:

Output to dir:
       11357    Aug 12 20:43:46 2011  COPYING.txt
        2769    Aug 12 20:46:34 2011  PKG-INFO
        1490    Aug 12 20:39:31 2011  README.txt
          56    Aug 05 20:06:46 2011  kando
        6362    Aug 12 20:35:23 2011  kando.py
         868    Oct 20 17:48:00 2011  setup.py

Next, I try and install kando and this is what I get:

python setup.py install
file kando.py (for module kando) not found
file kando.py (for module kando) not found
error: file '/var/sysmgr/vsh/kando' does not exist
Thu Oct 20 18:35:01 UTC 2011
running install
running build
running build_py
running build_scripts

I guess the installer is not looking in the right path for the files  
to be installed as it cannot find kando.py although I can see it in  
the output of dir. This is not specific to just kando. I have tried  
installing arithmetic-0.5 and other packages.
Can you please tell me how I can change the search path of the installer?
Thanks in advance.


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