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I'm a bad fan of Nick Parlante teaching style. He has a excellent site that
has some exercises to teach Python, and they are backed with unittests.
http://codingbat.com/python  <http://codingbat.com/python>

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> I would look into pylint, Python source code looking for bugs and signs
> of poor quality.
>> There are, unfortunately, no answers nor examples of good and bad code.
>>  Honestly I don’t want to “cheat” but I have to teach Python to some young
>> students in September, using this book, and I want all the responses to any
>> doubts they have ready .....
>> Here’s something specific:
>> chapter 8 challenge 2:  “ Write a program that simulates a television by
>> creating it as an object. The user should be able to enter a channel number
>> and raise or lower the volume.  Make sure that the channel number and
>> volume level stay within valid ranges.”
> Highly recommend writing unittest, each unit test sends a specific input
> to a method and verifies that the method returns the expected value, or
> takes the expected action. Unit tests prove that the code you are testing
> does in fact do what you expect it to do.
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