[Tutor] python varying mulitple inheritance

kendy at kendy.org kendy at kendy.org
Tue Jun 19 07:03:45 CEST 2012

Thank you Steve, for the pointing me in a smarter direction!

My immediate homework is:
- Practice consistent conventions for naming things -- pep-0008.
- Learn composition/has-a. 

I thought of a better way to think of my problem. A list element would contain
the things that Bob has in his pockets, at a given moment. For example:

Bob has 6 things. They are well known things and it's easy to make a class for
each of them. But Bob could have 2 to the power of 6, combinations of those
things in his pockets. I don't want to make 64 classes, to cover each possible
combination. I would read from a file to know what Bob has:

time wallet keys comb USB cell_phone work_badge
0    0      0    0    0   0          0
1    1      1    0    0   0          1
2    0      0    0    0   1          0
3    0      0    0    0   1          1
4    1      1    1    1   0          0

    0 = not in his pocket
    1 = has-a in his pocket

I don't want an instance of something, if it's not in Bob's pocket at that time.
(Maybe I'm making it harder than it needs to be.)

If no one responds, it's OK because now I know where to focus. (But help would be

I was told that you guys were great. You are!!!


On Sun Jun 17 18:36 , Steven D"Aprano  sent:

>kendy at kendy.org wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'm new to classes. And I hope the my question isn't too big.
>> I have electronic test equipment, but thought that a boat example
>> would be easier. Can you help me untangle my class design?
>> My problem is basically multiple inheritance, but I want to be
>> flexible for how many will inherit.
>Your first problem is that you are misusing inheritance when you should be 
>using composition instead.


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