[Tutor] Reading file and storing keys

moheem ilyas dmjohnsonn at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 02:19:47 CEST 2012

I am working on a problem from a book, Think Python, which I thought would
be fairly easy. The problem is:

Exercise 11.1. Write a function that reads the words in words.txt and
stores them as keys in a
dictionary. It doesn’t matter what the values are. Then you can use the in
operator as a fast way to
check whether a string is in the dictionary.

Note: words.txt is just a huge word list file if anyone is confused about

Here is my failed solution:

def tester():
    fin = open('/home/moheem/Documents/words.txt', 'r')
    value = 0
    wordDict = dict()
    for word in fin:
        wordDict[word] = value
        value = value + 1


There seems to be a logical error. That is, when I check a key, i.e. one of
the words from the file, is in the dictionary, I get false. (To check, I
use: 'aa' in wordDict). I think the problem is that the key does not
actually get placed in the dictionary, but the question is why?
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