[Tutor] mentorship

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Sat Mar 3 07:10:25 CET 2012

Christopher Conner wrote:

> I've got some free time and I feel like I should pick an open source 
> project and begin contributing, but the options are just staggering. 
> I've narrowed things down to the Python language - maybe the Plone 
> project? maybe helping with documentation at first? Maybe testing?

Think of a subject you are interested in.

Are there any useful projects related to that subject written in Python? If 
not, write one! You can put code up on PyPI or Google's code hosting:


If there are existing projects, find one that does something you are 
interested in, and try improving it:

- fix a bug
- write some tests
- add some documentation
- add some missing functionality

In other words: find an itch you have, and scratch it.


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