[Tutor] IDLE problems

ALAN GAULD alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Wed Mar 7 12:30:08 CET 2012

Sorry, I was assuming too much knowledge I suspect.
> Last login: Wed Mar  7 11:27:19 on ttys000

> MacBook-001FF3569577-4:~ fedka2$ /Applications/Python\ 3.2

This line is the prompt plus the folder that you dragged :-   /Applications/Python\ 3.2

You needed to type cd first (no RETURN just cd) - I took that step for granted, sorry.
then drop the folder

But since we now know the folder name you could just type

cd /Applications/Python\ 3.2

That should give you a terminal prompt of:

MacBook-001FF3569577-4: /Applications/Python 3.2$

If that is where idle.py is? I would expect it to be lower down than that...

Then you can type

python ./idle.py

If, as I suspect, idle.py is lower in the folder structure you will need to 
modify things by providing the path to idle.py

I hope that's clearer.
One of the barriers to programming on a Mac for most users is 
that they pretty much have to learn how to drive the Terminal. And 
that's kind of a counter-culture to Mac users.

Alan G

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