[Tutor] Cannot run python programs on my windows7 computer

Tamar Osher emeraldoffice at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 14 01:52:57 CET 2012

Hello.  Is there someone who can tutor me about how to "run" Python files on my windows7 computer?  I have IDLE (the white box, the Python shell).  I have the command prompt (the black box).  And I also have Notepad++ on my computer.  I have a total of 3 ways of trying to run my Python programs.  I have tried and tried.  The books and the online tutorials don't mention or discuss the problems that I am having; I cannot run Python programs.  The computer itself it fabulously great, but I cannot get my Python files to easily run on it.  If I am sometimes able to get a program to run, it is just seems to happen by chance, and I am not able to do it again next time.  I feel frustrated with this situation, and need help.  I hope to hear from someone, please.


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