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Please remove me from list....i can't do it....they are doing it Attention
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> Please always reply-all so a copy goes to the list.
> On 3/30/2012 8:01 PM, chris knarvik wrote:
>> that was incomplete it was supposed to be ive fixed most of my problems
>> with your help
> That's great. Would you post the correct program so we can all learn? And
> possibly make other helpful suggestions.
>  what do you mean what do i do to run it
> There are several ways to execute (run) a Python program.
> You can double-click the file in an explorer.
> You can at a command prompt type (e.g.) >python Area.py
> or you can start an interactive session then type >>>import Area
> or you can use an IDE such as IDLE.
>  within IDLE you can write the program in an edit window then RUN
>  or you can use the interactive window and type >>>import Area
> Which of these (or what else) do you do
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