[Tutor] python installation problem

Gergely Lőrincz alkopop79 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 13:14:05 CEST 2012

Dear folks,

I've been struggling to set up python on snow leopard, mac os x. Stupidly I
downloaded and installed python 3.2 and since then the 'python' command in
the terminal yields 'no command found'. In addition when opening the
terminal I get this error message on the top of the window:

For some reason the installation littered my Android SDK folder with
main.py and other kind of python files. Don't ask me why, it's beyond me. I
removed the offending files manually and deleted the python 3.2.2 folder
form /Library/Frameworks/python.framework/versions folder. After rebooting
the terminal still complains about those files. I wonder how can I fix it?
I would love to learn to use python! Your help would be appreciated!

Greg Lorincz

www.greglorincz.com  +447824817676
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