[Tutor] How to exit this loop in the interpreter

Andre' Walker-Loud walksloud at gmail.com
Thu May 3 19:05:40 CEST 2012

Hi Greg,

> I'm new to python, is schooling a python-developer thing? Whether I ask for help at forums, IRC or here, someone schools me. Should I stick with Java? 

No, the python mailing list is for the most part, very friendly and helpful (in my experience).

Mark's message that you not hijack the thread is so that other people in the future, when trying to find similar problems to yours (or this thread) do not get confused by disjoined topics in the same thread.  So instead of replying all to a random email from the group, start a new thread by posting an original email to the list.  And if you don't get a reply immediately, be patient.  Many of the people who may know the answer to your questions may live in a time-zone 12 hours different from yours.

My interpretation of Mark's message was a jest-full way of reminding you (letting you know) appropriate behavior for the list.  Further information on list behavior/rules can be found starting with the link sent at the bottom of every mail from the list


Certainly a way to discourage people from replying to your questions are
	- steal a thread
	- when asked not to hijack a thread, continue to do so anyways
	- "spam" the list with the same question multiple times in a short period of time



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