[Tutor] How to start developing a website

Surya K suryak at live.com
Sun May 13 17:08:55 CEST 2012

I have a idea (Website) which I want to develop using Django (Still learning it!). Currently I am following DjangoBook (reading DataBase..).
As I am really new to webframe works and Web development, I have a real dumb question which I don't really figure out.
# Question:
Broadly speaking my website takes a RSS/Atom feed and try to display dynamic content on its page. So, with what ever I know about django until now, all I can say that my project can handle creating dynamic content with django but I don't figure out how to really "design" it. I mean how to "design the UI part.. "..
One way of doing is to explicitly edit the Django's HTML pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript from scratch. But I only know little HTML (I cannot do the design with what I know).
So, how can I achieve this thing.. 
I thought of using Adobe's Dreamweaver or any equivalent open source thing but their generated HTML code can't be easily edited for "django" template designing.. 

Can anyone explain me on it..

Thanks a lot

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