[Tutor] Using a Blackjack Chart...

Ken G. beachkidken at gmail.com
Wed May 23 16:39:58 CEST 2012

On 05/23/2012 09:56 AM, Prasad, Ramit wrote:
> How can I best utilize such a chart in the Python program?  Lists,
>> Tuples, Dictionary or perhaps, a database format such as SQL?  I tried using MySQLdb but
>> was unable to use it since I am using Ubuntu 10.04.4 (Linux) as my main OS.  My
>> other OS is Windows XP.
>> As to mysql it works fine on linux.  If your system doesn't have mysql
>> you can use synaptic package manager  to get it  Look for
>> mysql-server, mysql-client and python-mysqldb
>> import MySQLdb as mdb
> Or even more simply, why not use SQLite? It is built into Python
> and will be portable for anywhere that Python is.
> Ramit

Thank you.  I am looking into SQLite3.  It has a steep learning curve for me.  I'm
still playing with it.

Again, thanks.


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