[Tutor] How to deploy Django project in Google App Engine

Surya K suryak at live.com
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    On 5/26/2012 5:41 AM, Surya K wrote:
        I wrote a Django project and would like to deploy on Google App

        I searched a lot on net and couldn't find a proper tutorial
          till now. So, can any one explain me??
    Did you look at



Bob Gailer
Chapel Hill NC
This seems to be a nice articles stating directly.. but I have one problem.1. In the test app, the project hierarchy is something like this:<project folder>/ "project files" - setting.py, __init__.py, manage.py, etc..
However, the Django's dir hierarchy in my PC (i.e, Django 1.4) is quite different.<project folder>/ <folder> , manage.py <folder> - __init__.py, settings.py, views.py etc...
so, where should I store those folders mentioned in the website http://www.allbuttonspressed.com/blog/django/2010/01/Native-Django-on-App-Engine?


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