[Tutor] "ImportError: _strptime not supported"

akleider at sonic.net akleider at sonic.net
Wed Oct 3 00:19:48 CEST 2012

The following code was recently suggested as an example of how the
datetime module could be used to solve a problem.  Not having access to
Python at work, I found
thinking it would allow me to "play with Python" when I have a free moment.

from datetime import datetime
start_date = datetime(year=2012, month=11, day=3)

datestring = '10/11/2012'
experiment_date = datetime.strftime(datestring, '%d/%m/%Y')

if experiment_date > start_date:
    print("Experiment_date comes after start_date.")
    print("Expriment_date does not come after start_date.")

Does not complete because of:

"ImportError: _strptime not supported"

At first I thought perhaps strptime was a Python3 feature but both v2.7
and v3.2 result in the same ImportError.
Is the problem with http://pythontutor.com/visualize.html

Also, the leading underscore in the error message puzzles me.

According to
"""classmethod datetime.strptime(date_string, format)"""
strptime should work.

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