[Tutor] I Need Help With Using Tkinter/Console/Creating GUIs

tayo rotimi finsolut2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 23:30:20 CEST 2012


I recently started learning as a python programming 'absolute beginner'. I have Python 3.2 installed on my laptop, and I have learned to a point where I need to create GUIs. I understand from the text book I am reading that all I need to have access to the Tkinter toolkits in a window-OS is double click on the Python icon to run Tkinter program directly; but I don't have Python icon on my desktop. I went to the program list and the relevant stuffs I have there are the IDLE (Python GUI) and Python (command line). Double clicking on any of these did not bring out the console described for creating GUIs. I am in a fixed. Its either the Tkinter module is not available on my Python installation or there are things I am not doing right. Please I need help, I need some practical guides on how to start creating GUI. Again, I have Python 3.2 installed on my system.   


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