[Tutor] Newbie help with .pyc

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I wonder if they might be a way for some on this forum to dispense advice and help others without the totally snide and obnoxious attitude? if it is so painfully annoying for you to deal with, why subject yourself to it? I suspect it is the sheer joy of showing others how bright you are and just how much disdain you have  for the lower forms of life you share the planet with.

Now give me a 4 paragraph long diatribe about top posting, netiquette and loads of all manner of minutia on the proper way to post and Make sure you do it in the most belittling way possible.

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On 05/10/12 01:21, tfahey1 wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am a Maya user, so I only come into contact with Python scripting on a
> surface level, but I downloaded a python script from a CG website that I
> would like to check out but I am getting an error when it is run.

Would you like us to guess what error you are getting? And how you are
trying to run it? I love guessing games!

Nah, actually I'm lying. I hate guessing games. Please tell us exactly how
you are trying to run the file, and show us the EXACT error you get. Copy
and paste the error message.

>  The only
> file included was a .pyc file. I'm wondering if there should also be a .py
> file along with it? Is there anyway I could fix this script to work without
> a .py file?

Probably. The way to "fix" it will depend on what error you are getting.

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