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Tue Oct 9 20:00:01 CEST 2012

version python3.2 linux
 I am learning python3 and would like some more python3 modules/programs on my computer to look at and work with to learn more about python3. I have read the tutorial and some of the complete language reference. I can't tell from the package index whats a python3 module/program and whats for 2.X. I seems from the voting guide that their are not many python3 programs; did I learn python at the wrong time? If possible I would like to get involved with a python3 program despite the fact I would not be at first a good programmer (It may help you to know that python3 is my first language though I did try to learn ruby but I did not like the language much [I like python though]) unfortunately their does not seem to be much choice of what to or not to help program. On my OS their are only a few bindings to libraries the standard python installation and the python3-tools package which contains some turtle programs and examples of programming in python. To give you an idea of what I should like to work in I eventually want to create with python something like a voice recognition program though not to recognize voice but rather music. Though I intend to create more then the afore mentioned program so any branch of application programming would do, I intend to create it first.
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