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Brett Dailey bardockarngrim at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 13 06:55:08 CEST 2012

I'm working on a few projects and need some help. Here's what the first one needs to do:

1. Create a list of strings. Make sure your program will work with any number of strings.
2. Make this text appear at the bottom of the screen and “crawl” to the top. The crawl should be at a slow
     speed (~20 pixels/s) and should run at the same rate on any computer.
3. It should fade from black (near the bottom) to white, and then back to black (at the top). 
4. The program should end when the user pressed escape or hits the “Quit-box”

Here's the second one:

"Paint Program"
1. Display a canvas inset from the main screen. 
2. Display a palette at the bottom. Allow the user to adjust the RGB current color. 
3. Use the mouse scroll-wheel to adjust the brush size. 
4. If the user clicks within the canvas area, draw with the current brush color/size 
5. If the user presses “s” save (just the) canvas to a file (“output.jpg”) 
6. Bonus: include “stamps” (sprites) that can be dragged onto the canvas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! These have been giving me some trouble. Also, if you can show me some of the code that would be great!

Thank you!!
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