[Tutor] I am learning python3 and would like some more python3 modules/programs on my...

Wayne Werner wayne at waynewerner.com
Mon Oct 15 13:32:05 CEST 2012

On Tue, 9 Oct 2012, Prasad, Ramit wrote:

> You can even think about switching later if necessary. Although, it is probably easier to
> go from 2 to 3 due to the existence of automated conversion tools.

There is actually a python 3to2.py script now. And if you pick up Python 3 
you'll have much less problems because you'll develop the correct mental 
model for dealing with strings/bytes, so if you *do* do any Python 2 work, 
then noooo problem.

Unless you're using Django or one of the other big packages, my 
recommendation is always to pick up Python3, with the caveat that many of 
the tutorials will be Python 2 oriented, so if they run into problems, 
they should ask a question here. Plus, there will be no Python 2.8. Sure, 
people are still developing tools in Python 2.x, but more and more are 
migrating to 3.x, and *many* of the larger packages are Python 3 


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