[Tutor] Thread question

Mike xchimeras at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 21:51:04 CEST 2012


First, I apologize for not providing a code sample (it's on my work
PC) as I have a general threading logic question. I am using Python
2.6 and the threading module (I can't upgrade to a newer version of

My program is command line based and is driven by the user making a
selection from the menu. Basically option 1 perform a HTTP GET request
to xyz.com/?get=test.  The user supply's a list  of target domains and
the query (?get=test) is static. The list of targets can be in the
thousands, so I thought threads with queues would be the best route.
When my program starts I start 50 worker threads and 50 display
threads.  The worker threads wait for data in the input queue and
handle the request.  If a error is hit the data is logged in the
errors queue.  This works great if the user selects option 1, but I am
running into problems when a user selects multiple options.  Say a
user selection 1 then option (2) with the targets being the same, but
the query string is now ?get=check. The problem I am facing is when
the threads run with option 1 and hit the initialization they are set
to ?get=test i.e. self.param=param. The param is passed in to the init
of the thread class.  When I initialize the class from option 1 I pass
in the param ?get=test and when I initialize the class with option 2 I
pass in the param ?get=check.  The default initialization is
self.param="".  Depending on which option they select first the thread
will be one of the following: blank, or one of the two options.  I
don't know how to update the thread variable when it's running i.e.def
run(self). I realize this sounds all confusing, but  I am basically
wondering how one would update a thread variable when it is running?
Also, is it best to spawn threads each time the user make a selection
or once when the program starts?

I appreciate any feedback.
Thank you,

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