[Tutor] Why difference between printing string & typing its object reference at the prompt?

Prasad, Ramit ramit.prasad at jpmorgan.com
Thu Oct 18 20:22:40 CEST 2012

David Hutto wrote:
> If your app has  a standard usage of phrases, you can place a file in
> that translates a tag into a particular language phrase.
> if submit_tag_selection == 'english':
>      submit = 'Submit'
> if submit_tag_selection == 'english':
>      submit = 'Soumettre'
> Of course this could be done without the if, you would just translate
> the normal selections within a file with the commonly used phrases in
> the app, and substitute it within a parse for:
> x = open('translate_file_french', 'r')
> for line in x:
>      if line.split('=')[0] == 'Submit':
>            print '%s'   %   (line.split('=')[1])
> 'Soumettre'
> *Untested, but should work

Now missing any context I am going to assume the topic shifted to
how to do translations for a internationalized application/site. 
Feel free to ignore if I am wrong or OT.

I would do this, but not using line splitting. I would 
create a (YAML) config files that contain translations of
site text (i.e. "Submit"). You could do this with pickle too,
but I think YAML files are better for humans to edit.

text = '....<SUBMIT_BUTTON_TEXT>....'
with open('translate_file_fr') as f:
   # parse YAML into dictionary of { text_to_replace : text_to_replace_with }
# <some work>
for k,v in translation_key.iteritems():
    text = text.replace(k, v)

Alternately you could create a python module and just import
the appropriate language.

translation_key = __import__('translation.' + language ) 
text = ''join([ '...', translation_key.submit_button_text, '...'])

Of course, I have no idea the downsides of this approach as I 
have not had to do something like this before. I would be
interested in whether this matches the standard approach
and the up/down-sides to it.

Ramit Prasad

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