[Tutor] Creating a list from other lists

Steven D'Aprano steve at pearwood.info
Tue Oct 23 11:59:04 CEST 2012

On 23/10/12 19:51, Walter Prins wrote:
>>> It's an HTML post.
>> Not according to the version of Thunderbird I am using, which shows it
>> as a plain text email.
>> I suspect that the HTML attachment may be invalid HTML, understandable
>> by Gmail and possibly nothing else. Typical of Google :(
> Looking at the email source it clearly shows as being mimetype
> "multipart" with both a plaintext and HTML part.  I don't think you
> can much criticise GMail for interpreting and attempting to render an
> HTML email as HTML.

Perhaps not, but I can criticize Gmail for offering such an anti-feature
in the first place.

> The biggest culprit here IMHO was the sending
> mail client

That would be Gmail, almost certainly.

> that generated a broken text mode version of the email's
> intended formatting by dropping the indentation (and if the HTML is
> broken, generated broken HTML to boot as well.)

I don't actually know if the HTML part is broken or not. I saved it and
opened it in Firefox, and Firefox rendered it as raw text showing the
tags. Perhaps that just means my test was faulty.

Either way though, I'm sick to the back teeth of Google-related
technologies being user hostile. Whether it is the horror that Google
Groups has become, Google's search engine tracking and bubbling you
when you search, Google illegally installing tracking cookies AND
THEN LYING ABOUT IT to the American FTC, the awfulness of their image
search interface (which just about every search engine now apes), and
their efforts to link everything you do on the Internet to a Google
account which can be matched to your offline identity, I think their
motto is now best described as "Do be evil".


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