[Tutor] Obtaining result from a sendline

Dave Angel d at davea.name
Wed Oct 31 14:47:43 CET 2012

On 10/31/2012 09:28 AM, Dave Wilder wrote:
> Sorry for the poor  info on my part Steven et al.  I did not do my homework.
> I thought that sshclient was an imported module, however it is pxssh that I am importing as sshClient.
> import pxssh as sshClient

Please don't top-post.  You put your message in front of whatever you're
quoting, as though you had written it earlier.  it belongs after the
quoted part, which should be trimmed of irrelevant parts.  And of course
anything after your new message is by definition irrelevant.

pxssh is not a Python standard library either.  Perhaps you got it from:


which in turn depends on some other pexpect module.

But there are apparently other places with similarly named stuff.  You
really should describe your environment when asking questions.  OS,
python version, external libraries, and any special conditions you know of.



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