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On 2 September 2012 05:00, Michael Lewis <mjolewis at gmail.com> wrote:
>> For windows not sure but for osx just add an & after the command.
>> python myscript.py &
> Thanks, but I know about that. I should have been more clear. What I want to
> do is have the script run in the background without even seeing the
> terminal. Adding the & after the command will let do other things, but the
> terminal still needs to be open. Once the program is running, I don't want
> either the terminal or the interpreter displayed.


nohup python myscript.py &

Then you can close the terminal afterwards.  "nohup" means"no hangup".
 It tells the system that the python process launched as a result of
this command should not be terminated when its parent shell is

You can also put the above command in a shell script and run the
script directly via whatever method suits you best. (Launcher,
scheduled job, login script etc.)


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