[Tutor] Running a script in the background

Michael Lewis mjolewis at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 23:06:03 CEST 2012

> Michael, I see you have several Windows answers, but it doesn't look as
> though you found quite what you were hoping for on OSX.  My suggestion
> would be to take the script and run it through py2app, which will turn it
> into a stand-alone application which can then be added to your list of
> StartUp or LogIn applications.  If you never request input or produce
> output, it will quite happily run in the background with no window and no
> menu (although by default there will be an icon in the dock).  At that
> point it is so much a background application that the ONLY way you can quit
> it is via the Force Quit dialog.   If you generate status or housekeeping
> print messages, they will show up in ~/Library/Logfiles.  Py2app isn't
> particularly memory efficient, even a minimal application tends to run
> close to 9-10 Mbytes, but if it spends most of its time sleeping, it will
> use very little in the way of system resources.
> Good luck,
> Bill

Thanks, Bill. That is definitely more of what I am looking for and actually
found that through some googling.  What I am confused about now, is what's
really the difference between py2app and the python Build Applet?

Michael J. Lewis
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