[Tutor] multi processes or threads?

Dwight Hutto dwightdhutto at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 23:32:43 CEST 2012

Think assembly, or procedural with this, and how the mind of a CPU works.
Instructional steps toward an endpoint.

Your mind works the fastest when one problems is given, and is being
solved, otherwise allocation of certain areas take place in order to find a
rewarding solution.

Not having used threads in the past, I would suggest that you know there
has to be either equal allocation of time, or priority based in order to
perform each procedure given in threading, until there is a final result.

My first thought on giving computers imagination was monkeys banging on a
keyboard, until Shakespeare shot out(Me thinks it a weasel). Now it's
interlocking molecular vectors, and run simulations which is much more
difficult, but defined algorithmically, and procedurally, unless you
network several cpus and allocate to each a specific
thought/theory/hypothesis to process.

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David Hutto
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