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Walter Prins wprins at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 14:55:27 CEST 2012


On 4 September 2012 02:57, Garry Willgoose
<Garry.Willgoose at newcastle.edu.au> wrote:
> I want to put a shortcut onto the desktop in windows (XP and later) in Python 2.6 or later. In Unix its easy using os.symlink but I can't find anything equivalent for windows. My searches on the web led me to the code below but the code returns the error
> AttributeError: function 'CreateSymbolicLinkW' not found
> so does anybody have any suggestions?

IIRC and as implied by other responses so far, "Symbolic Links" are an
NTFS feature only relatively recently added to NTFS.  Creating a
Symbolic Link (whether on Windows or elsewhere) is not the same as
creating a "Shortcut" in Windows, even though they can in some
contexts (e.g. a GUI desktop environment) be used to fulfil the same
role.  Anyway, to be backwards compatible with Win XP you should be
creating a "Shortcut", more properly known as a "Shell link".  See

Basically you need to use the IShellLink COM interface to create the
link.  You can use PythonCOM to do this (not sure if you'll be happy
about adding a dependency on COM to your application though), either
way, here's a presentation that also mentions IShellLink (note it's a
bit old so make allowances for the age):


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