[Tutor] help me decide

Matthew Ngaha chigga101 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 12:04:39 CEST 2012

Hi Alan thanks so much for your helpful answers.

> probably wxPython or GTk
> But if you want to get serious about GUIs I'd probably suggest wxPython
> instead - it ultimately is more powerful and complete and if you are only
> just starting will be easy to learn whereas  learning Tkinter and converting
> is more difficult (IMHO).

> PyQt is powerful too but there are several limitations in its licensing
> model that leave me slightly wary. Gtk is another option. Both of these were
> originally made popular in the Linux community but both are available cross
> platform now. (as are Tkinter and wxPython)

After your response ive decided GUI programming is defintely better
for me at this stage. I read Pyside is a replica of pyqt, same makers
qt but it covers all the licensing that PyQt doesnt, and if you learn
1 the other is almost exactly the same. Would this be a good enough
reason to give it and pyqt a try? how does it compare to wxPython?

also please could you tell me why you suggest wxPython over GTK? what
are the factors you looked at, is it better for beginners to start out
with a simpler toolkit and decide later on if its enough for them?

would you say out of the GUIs we have mentioned, apart from Tkinter,
that wxPython is the easiet to pick up yet a lot more complete than

> I'm not a big fan of user interface programming in any shape. I started my
> career writing embedded software where the UI was a switch and some LEDs. So
> i am more interested in the internals of a program than in its outer
> appearance, but from necessity I've done a little bit of GUI work and even
> less web work.

this has interested me. is embedded programming a different field to
the type of programming in Python? it sounds like thats more lower
level prgroamming better suited to a language like C? is your work
today still related to this area? somewhere down the learn, after i
have mastered Python i'd definately like to learn about internals of a
program, even though the thought of that really scares me:)

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